Social media marketing for your business

Social media marketing for your business

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If you own or operate a business that you want to be visible online, the mostcost-effective way of doing so is through social media. May it be Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, if you have a social media presence,people will become aware of you.

Social media marketing for small businesses

Did you know that small businesses that are more active and responsive to theircustomers through social media in local areas, ultimately are more successful?Especially for restaurants, where customers can recommend your restaurant toothers and by engaging with them, people are more likely to return.Some restaurants even go as far as joking with their customers through socialmedia.This, in turn, makes them even more appealing.Local markets are generally underrated for social media.In local communities, a social media presence can make people more likelycoming to you for their needs.

Do you ship internationally?

If you however have a business with an international postal and delivery system,social media can attract customers on a global scale.By attracting customers through social media posts, you can gain awarenesseverywhere.No matter what product you sell or business you have, there are always ways toimprove your awareness and web presence.Social media also gives you the portal you need to receive customer feedbackand answering questions.Especially when you might be at the other side of the globe, engaging with yourcustomers is important and social media can give you everything you need inthat regard.

Social media marketing for your business

As you can see, social media marketing has advantages whether you have asmall local business or a big international cooperation.Social media marketing gives you more attention and helps to build relationswith soon-to-be regular customers.There are many different portals to share your content on and even events canbe announced through it.Having a social media presence also makes you help to better relate to yourcustomer and or fanbase.Hearing their opinions first-hand and immediately helping to solve issues, canturn a small mistake into a good experience for your customer and make themmore likely to return.

We do social media marketing for your business

We, from Mindstormers International, understand that having to take care of abusiness and doing social media engagements is time consuming andchallenging.We do all the social media marketing for you that you want to fair prices andgreat conditions.Contact us to learn more!


What is search engine optimization?

What is search engine optimization?

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Search engine optimization, short SEO, is the systematic use of key words tofavor your position in search engine ratings.While this sounds really manipulative and maybe a bit shady, it actually isn’t.You simply make sure your website consists of certain keywords on a regularbasis and change other keywords to recent trends.While that sounds easy in theory, why can’t anybody do that for themselves?The true challenge is to find the right keywords for users who google similarproducts and services and optimizing them to common search results andcertain terms. This is as complex as it sounds and can be at least as exciting.Search engine optimization enables you to be found more often and by usingmore common phrases or descriptions, it allows you to be seen better and morefrequent and will push you in many ways.

Studying keywords and trends

One of the more complex parts of SEO, is the research.What are people searching for when they google certain things and how can youmake yourself stand out more among the large competition? By being moreliteral than them. By knowing how customers look for the things they want andmake sure you know what they might want.This is all done by researching the market and evaluating how users approachsearches and filter their own results.When people want X, they search for Y but only Z shows up and so on. SEOmakes sure sure they get your result more often and more frequent, even only ina close relation. SEO makes sure the market knows you exist and makes you gain awarenessand attention.It will reach customers who didn’t even know you existed!

SEO for international businesses

When you have an international operating business, SEO can be a true gamechanger.Especially for international businesses, wide awareness is veryimportant in the big market. Everybody screams to be on the first page ofSERP’s; you don’t necessarily need to be louder, but more clearly. This isanother advantage of SEO, while most just try to be louder by using morecombination of words or phrases, SEO can help you become more clear byusing simpler terms and thus being found easier.

We take care of
your SEO

At Mindstormers International we would gladly do SEO for your business.Our team is eager and focused to create results. Feel free to contact us if youwould like to know more!

Add blogs and articles to your website

Add blogs and articles to your website

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Sometimes, when browsing sites, you can lose yourself in the articles on the siteand keep reading more and more.Wouldn’t it be great if your website features articles and blogs as well? But writing articles yourself is not as easily said as done.How long is an articles supposed to be? How do you structure one? Isn’t there someone else better in doing this? This is where we come into play. We offer professional copywriting services foryou.

Copywriting and creative marketing

Articles is what captures one. Reading in general is proven to be morememorable for us.Sure, while it doesn’t have flashy colors or loud noises, it makes use ofsomething far better;Your own understanding and comprehension of subjects.Instead of being presented with what a scenery looks when watching a movie,when you read about laying on a warm beach sunbathing, everybody has adifferent picture in mind.This is the advantage of reading and why we love to read articles, when newsare so much easier to ingest.Reading stimulates us more and makes it easier for us to relate.When you describe your product, you have a clear picture in mind and bedescribing it, your customers will each get their own picture and ownimpressions and the more they read, the better their impression becomes.

Copywriting about anything

Of course, not all articles you present on your website have to captive,sometimes, small updates to project are very nice to read to, just letting yourcustomers and followers know what you are doing.This makes you look more Human and makes your business more real, insteadof just a logo.People love to see the faces and know how about a business and love to knowmore. Anything can go and anything will be read. You’d be surprised how many different articles you can write about similar topicsand how different those articles are. As good as you know your own product,dedicated writers will inform themselves about their topics and make sure theyonly give the best explanation of business-jargon and make informative andexciting articles for you.

We do your copywriting

If this might have convinced you to use copywriting services, you are already atthe right place.We, from Mindstormers International offer dedicated copywriting services foryou and your business.Be it blogs, simple articles or newsletters, our team loves to write for and aboutyou.If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.
Does your business have a website?

Does your business have a website?


Nowadays, we use Google for everything. No matter what we might be looking for; be it a fancy restaurant or a service provider for our hobbies, our business or activities for our family – the first step often is to refer to Google’s search bar.Now, put yourself in the place of your potential customer. If they Google your business and find nothing, how do you think they’ll feel? Worried? You would probably be too when searching for a business you consider investing your trust into.

A website presence allows your business to show the world your business and helps you present your products or services in a handy and informative way. If you don’t happen to know how to make a website, what do you do? You probably Google for a solution. Type “I need a website” and you’ll be hit by the adverts of a lot of digital web agencies, one promising more than the next. What you need to do next is to filter; filter which agency deserves your trust.

If your search leads you to this article; our web-development services, we’ve probably done something right – and that means, we can work that “magic” for you too. At Mindstormers International, we not only design, build and host your website, but also to maintain it and update the content. In short – we handle all your web-presence, so you don’t have to! We give your business the possibility to present itself in a unique manner and showcase what makes you, You.

Before you begin

Before you get going, you should make sure what direction you want your website to go. Depending on your business, there are different methods on how to build your website. Our dedicated team will help you through the process. Throughout the entire process, you will be able to follow us from the sideline, and be given the ability to comment on every bit of the design and functionality – and ultimately, share your thoughts with us in regard to improvements. In other words, you will have full control of your website development.

You need content with that?

Having your own website is nice and all, but what now? Which content should go along with it? Which content will attract your customers to your business? No worries! We can assist you with that, too! Creating and managing website content on your website is in our DNA. All you need to do is to give you input, sit back and just enjoy watching your website grow and get increased engagement. You, in turn, can take care of more important matters and let us handle the rest!

We make your website

We, from Mindstormers International, will do all that, and much more. No matter if you’d like your website to be based on WordPress, Magento, or any other technology, we gladly create, design and maintain it for you! If you would like to learn more about our web-development services and how we can be of assistance to you, feel free to contact us!