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Search engine optimization, short SEO, is the systematic use of key words tofavor your position in search engine ratings.While this sounds really manipulative and maybe a bit shady, it actually isn’t.You simply make sure your website consists of certain keywords on a regularbasis and change other keywords to recent trends.While that sounds easy in theory, why can’t anybody do that for themselves?The true challenge is to find the right keywords for users who google similarproducts and services and optimizing them to common search results andcertain terms. This is as complex as it sounds and can be at least as exciting.Search engine optimization enables you to be found more often and by usingmore common phrases or descriptions, it allows you to be seen better and morefrequent and will push you in many ways.

Studying keywords and trends

One of the more complex parts of SEO, is the research.What are people searching for when they google certain things and how can youmake yourself stand out more among the large competition? By being moreliteral than them. By knowing how customers look for the things they want andmake sure you know what they might want.This is all done by researching the market and evaluating how users approachsearches and filter their own results.When people want X, they search for Y but only Z shows up and so on. SEOmakes sure sure they get your result more often and more frequent, even only ina close relation. SEO makes sure the market knows you exist and makes you gain awarenessand attention.It will reach customers who didn’t even know you existed!

SEO for international businesses

When you have an international operating business, SEO can be a true gamechanger.Especially for international businesses, wide awareness is veryimportant in the big market. Everybody screams to be on the first page ofSERP’s; you don’t necessarily need to be louder, but more clearly. This isanother advantage of SEO, while most just try to be louder by using morecombination of words or phrases, SEO can help you become more clear byusing simpler terms and thus being found easier.

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