Social media marketing for your business

If you own or operate a business that you want to be visible online, the mostcost-effective way of doing so is through social media. May it be Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or any other platform, if you have a social media presence,people will become aware of you....

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization, short SEO, is the systematic use of key words tofavor your position in search engine ratings.While this sounds really manipulative and maybe a bit shady, it actually isn’t.You simply make sure your website consists of certain keywords on a...

Add blogs and articles to your website

Sometimes, when browsing sites, you can lose yourself in the articles on the siteand keep reading more and more.Wouldn’t it be great if your website features articles and blogs as well? But writing articles yourself is not as easily said as done.How long is an...

Does your business have a website?

Nowadays, we use Google for everything. No matter what we might be looking for; be it a fancy restaurant or a service provider for our hobbies, our business or activities for our family – the first step often is to refer to Google’s search bar.Now, put yourself in the...





Social Media Management


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Do you offer blogging services?

We love to craft engaging content for our own readers as well as those of our clients. We love to write to engage, to motivate, and to make a positive impact. We thrive on seeing our content published. Thus, if you feel drained of ideas of what to write about a certain topic, allow us to help. 

What is an optimal length of a blog article?

The length of your blog articles depends a lot on your goals. Do you want to keep your readers informed and educated about the use of your product or service? Do you wish to have it aid you with your ranking on search engines? Those questions you’d need to answer yourself, and us, prior to getting started – as otherwise, it may cost you a lot of extra time (and money) improving at a later stage. Great articles range anywhere between 500-1500 words. 

How much do your blogging services cost?

Our prices are pretty fair, if we may say so ourselves. We only vary our pricing based on your desired placement of the article(s). Are you looking for search-engine-optimized articles rather than informal content? Then chances are that we’d need to do a thorough keyword-analysis beforehand – hence the slightly higher pricing. As for content goes in general, we keep a quite transparent price per page rather than other pricing models. Our blog articles begin at 15 Euro per A4 page. 

Do you offer content strategies?

When beginning to work with new customers, we always ask them whether they already own a content strategy. We feel that going forward without one, is like trying to see clearly during a thick fog. We gladly help our customers come up with the right content strategy in advance to beginning to write the output, or do the work for you – if you prefer – so you can work on things that matter more to achieve success in your everyday work.

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